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The undergraduate degree in Multimedia is anchored on an interdisciplinary and contemporary approach. Bringing together several areas, it includes art, technology, communication and culture, as well as music, theatre, cinema and AV, in a distinctive and innovative communication platform, which will enable students to produce, convey and transmit content from different applications, platforms and media. The degree is organized around a creative and artistic dimension, but also of technological innovation, and aims at a transversal knowledge philosophy, as promoted by several subjects that are part of the program. Students are expected to develop specific technical, artistic and conceptual skills by exploring and experimenting with innovative forms of communication, through the use of new interaction technologies. The main intervention areas are animation and 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality, digital arts, interactive installations, web platforms, videogames, multimedia technologies, graphic animation and video mapping, creative programing, digital sound, multimedia production and direction in general. At the end of the degree, students will be able to cooperate in cross-disciplinary projects in areas such as music, theatre, dance or cinema, as well as in the production of interactive and dynamic contents for live shows, exhibitions and interactive installations.