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The undergraduate degree in Web Information Systems and Technologies aims at educating professionals able to lead projects in the areas of designing, developing and managing web contents and information systems. This sector has almost zero unemployment rates and typically job offers surpass demand. The program is educationally solid, and trains professionals who will master the most creative part of the production process, as well as the most technological/ technical side of it. The course will give students the knowledge and practical skills which will prepare them to deal successfully with emerging areas such as web-based computation (cloud computing), app development for mobile devices, entertainment product design, development of virtual 2D and 3D environments, graphic interfaces, ergonomics and interactive design for web products. This degree favors a prominently practical approach, as is show-cased by the projects which are part of the study plan since the first year, as well as the strong connection to the business world. Partnerships have been established with Nonius Software, BindTuning, FABAMAQ, Increase Time, Interactive Brand, InovaMais, TechPitch, Blip, GoWeb, Planeta Virtual, INESC_TEC, TopDox, Readiness IT, etc. Every year we organize a conference on intelligent and interactive systems, an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with companies and experts from this sector of activity.