Diploma in Digital Media


Dasein Academy of Art

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Digital Media is a combination of art, design and digital interactive together and it is divided into three major parts, namely web design and execution, Audio and video (editing, special effects and sound effects, etc.), as well as Mobile game development and simultaneous interact with different digital instruments. About web design and execution, starting with basic fonts, icons, and typography, slowly applying the knowledge to electronic posters, web pages, applications, kiosk, and even large-scale electronic billboards and system development. Regarding to Audio and video, student will not only learn about shooting, editing, special effects and sound effects, but also the basic 2D and 3D to motion graphic, which will increase the effect of the video. Besides, Motion Graphic is also the trend of recent digital posters and large & small billboards. Whereas, the mobile games development is mainly focus on UI design, program and intelligent instrument integration. Student will learn to write and develop with different functional module code, combine and modify the UI design and function modules to form the gaming application. After that, apply the application to smart instruments to create the interaction among to tack with current and future trend. All of the above are the main features of digital media.


SPM Minimum 3 credits (passed Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah in SPM)
UEC Minimum 3 B