Master's degree in Automatic Systems and Industrial Electronics Engineering


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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The aim of the master's degree in Automatic Systems and Industrial Electronics Engineeringis to produce top-level professionals in automation and industrial electronics. Automatic control and industrial electronics are crucial to the development of a society that is increasingly focused on information and knowledge as a basis for decision making, and essential for the functioning of any automatic or robotic control system. Graduates will be able to respond to the needs of sectors dealing with production processes and systems for generating, distributing and storing energy; the transport sector; and the logistics sector.


The aim of the specialisation in Advanced Production and Automation Technologies is to produce graduates who are specialised in automation and control and who are able to integrate company management with design, engineering and manufacturing processes. These graduates may pursue careers at any level of the computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) pyramid. The aim of the specialisation in Optimal Management of Electrical Energy is to produce graduates who are specialised in the management of electrical energy, with an emphasis on integrating energy sources using power converters and on applying communication systems and electronic diagnosis and safety systems to the generation, distribution and storage of electrical energy. The specialisation involves the in-depth study of all systems that control and manage the demand and stability of the network, and takes a close look at renewable energies and smart grids. It also involves the study of electrical and hybrid traction systems that will be integrated in the network in the near future, in the form of electric vehicles and urban transport, and technology for implementing controllers. More information on the web page of this master's degree.