Kerpely Antal Doctoral School of Material Sciences and Technologies


University of Miskolc

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Students with excellent achievements in the master programs can continue their studies in the Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology at the Faculty of Material Science and Engineering of the University of Miskolc and obtain a doctoral degree in the following research fields: Chemical Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering, Interfacial Phenomena and nanotechnology, Plastic deformation of metals, Physical Metallurgy and Heat treatment, Materials informatics, Space materials and technology, High temperature equipment and heat energy utilization, Ceramics and their technologies, Polymer technology, Chemical processes and technologies.  Doctoral students are offered up-to-date research facilities and topics related to practically meaningful and scientifically interesting problems inspired by the shortcomings of current industrial technologies or phenomena that may form the basis of future industrial applications. Work is often assisted by running R&D projects, whereby students may obtain part-time employment in tasks coordinated with their doctoral courses. Students can be involved in the research teams of large-scale research projects funded by international, European and Hungarian authorities or by commercial companies.


Language requirements min B2 level of English
MSc degree MSc diploma in a related field of science (materials science, metallurgy, chemistry, etc.)