Research Master in Biomedical Research


Pompeu Fabra University

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The master's programme in Biomedical Research is focused on the study of the molecular, cellular, physiological and evolutionary foundations of biological processes and their pathological or adaptive alterations. It is primarily, although not exclusively, aimed at students seeking to pursue doctoral studies in different areas of biomedicine.

The programme's main objective is to help students acquire advanced conceptual and experimental knowledge of the molecular and cellular foundations for cellular processes and dysfunctions involved in physiological function and disease and to teach them to apply this knowledge to basic and biomedical research.

Who is it for?

Candidates will typically hold an undergraduate degree in biology, biochemistry or biotechnology. However, students with undergraduate degrees in medicine, chemistry, engineering, pharmacy and nursing have also successfully completed the programme. Students must have a solid grounding in and/or ability to grasp and work with the concepts of cell function and molecular interactions (proteins, nucleic acids).