Instituto Politecnico do Porto


Rua Dr. Roberto Frias 712, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal


+351225571000 (Landline), +351961789555 (Mobile),


P.PORTO is a referential public higher education institution. Whith schools dating back 1853, it’s today the fifth largest institution among universities.We also rank fourth among first-choice higher education institutions.

A community of about 20,000 people study, teach, research and work daily in the institution organized in three campuses and eight schools (ISEP, ISCAP, ESE, ESMAE, ESTG, ESS, ESHT, ESMAD).

56 undergraduate degrees, 62 master's degrees and 56 postgraduate degrees are recognized by the distinctive pedagogical model based on the articulation between teaching and research, the dynamic interaction with the world of work, according to a know-how orientation where the real contexts of teaching are a strong and structuring component, a model oriented towards the development of transversal competences, entrepreneurship, culture as personal and collective experience and active citizenship.

The Politécnico do Porto is a global community that is the result of cooperation programs with more than 700 institutions from five continents, with a permanent presence in international programs. In 2017 we welcome more than 1,500 international students. Research and innovation is a priority. The Polytechnic of Porto has been characterized by an excellent performance in the scientific publication of high quality, with significant scientific impact. We lead and integrate several international R & D consortia in different areas of knowledge; we have approved European H2020 projects in highly competitive areas such as biotechnology, energy and information technology; we promote intercontinental projects with partners from around the globe, from the USA, Latin America, Africa or Asia. The P.PORTO goes beyond campus boundaries: it guarantees modern infrastructures and equipment. It has a theater, orchestras, publishers and a museum. It dynamizes a valuable network of libraries, residences and dining rooms.