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Kolej IEWM has been established since 2013, and it is an education, trade entity of IEWM Education Sdn. Bhd. The college has obtained Higher Education Provider (HEP) IPTS License in Jan 2015 from Ministry of Education. Kolej IEWM is presently advocating 6 diploma programmes that covers a wide range of discipline in the area of INFRASTRUCTURE, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT, WATER and MANAGEMENT with 4 faculties giving a niching and specialisation in Arts, Science, Engineeringand Technology (ASET).  All our diplomas have been fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), giving greater opportunities for our students to continue their studies locally or abroad with our partners University.

Kolej IEWM has its own uniqueness as the Premium and affordable education provider in Malaysia and covering Asia as a whole. IEWM has its owned craftsmanship for developing Semi-Professionals and skilled work force inclusively for developing countries. The Nation’s agenda has become Kolej IEWM top most priorities to bridge the present and future human resources demands for the above sectors.

With extensive international collaborations, Kolej IEWM adds value to its expertise and enhancing Knowledge Transformation between partnering institutions. Our external Asian campuses and E-learning participations provide a cutting edge and REAL-TIME learning thetheories gives know-how ability that demonstratesproficiencies resulting recognitions to our students.  

Ensuring sustainability, Kolej IEWM is not solely focused as profit oriented institutions. Through its IEWM Foundation and has been evolved in Corporate Social Responsibility since the IEWM’s Group inceptions in 2008. IEWM Foundation provides Yearly 6 full and 6 partial scholarships to selected achieving Orphan students to further excel their studies in these very unique Diploma programmes that lead the future of Infrastructure builds of developing nations. Kolej IEWM affordable fees guarantees parents and students with various payments approaches and schemes this includes Guaranteed Job Placements* within sectoral and validates our “Money Back Guarantee *“scheme (*refer to our terms and conditions) for those students whom unable to be placed in a job within 6 months of Graduation.

Our 6 core values of Honesty, Efficiency, Loyalty, Persistence, Integrity and Gratefulness establishes Kolej IEWM continues improvements and effortless commitments  to mould the nation’s young  to achieve the Vision 2020 in the ambience of Tauhid, Fiqh and Tasawuf ingrained.

IEWM College welcomes you to jointly build our deliveries to MALAYSIA and Truly ASIA

Look forward to have you