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The most effective platform.

With a superb track record since its inception in 1990, Facon Education Fair is now recognized by the education industry as one of the most effective platform to promote and disseminate information on courses offered by institutions of higher learning. In previous years, the Fair has attracted more than 600 participating and represented institutions from Malaysia and overseas. It has also attracted international groups of institutions from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and USA, underlining the recognition of the event. That is not all, with an average of 80,000 visitor count, the Fair is not only one of the largest but also the most visited show in Malaysia.


Committed and strive towards creating difference in further education sector.


Empower and facilitate improvement related to further education

Hand holding the journey of each parties related to further education on discovery of the future laid ahead

Provide neutral platforms and at the same time stimulate interactions for disseminating & concealing of further education information

Promise beyond education; be creative but not losing its relevancy


The Leading Education Roadshow

Rationale: Continuous and endless efforts to not only be the No.1 but the main driving force of education fair in the region.



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The Organizer

Sphere Exhibits Malaysia Sdn Berhad was incorporated on January 2013.

Sphere Exhibits Malaysia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings, with SPHERE stands for Singapore Press Holdings Events, Roadshow and Exhibition. We aim to be the leading M.I.C.E company behind exciting and innovative fairs, shows, events and exhibitions for all trade and consumers businesses in Asia.

In line with the company’s plan for growth and continued expansion, it will allow exhibitors and partners to select from a range of events & exhibitions to develop their business ideas and expansion initiatives. Backed by a committed and experienced team of professionals, these events will not only draw local audiences but also regional participants. Sphere Exhibits is committed to building memorable and quality events which will be founded on research, planning, an established network of resources, and a creative but solid imagination. This commitment will result in a greater mileage for our exhibitors and partners.

The Show Manager

Established in 1990, Facon Exhibitions Sdn Bhd have organized numerous successful exhibitions and conferences in this region. Many of these events enjoyed the endorsement of ministries and government agencies securing for the company professional recognition of its organizational and management expertise.

This is underlined when Instrumentation, Control and Automation Technology Exhibition was endorsed as the most important Fair in Malaysia for the industry by World-Fairs on Instruments, Measurement and Automation (World-FIMA). Further to that, Facon Education Fair is also recognized by the education industry as one of the most effective platform to promote and disseminate information on courses offered by institutions of higher learning. With an average of 80,000 visitor count thronging each edition of the Fair, it is proven to be the most effective promotional and recruitment platform for institutions of higher learning.

This has placed our events among some of the world’s best.


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